National Sections of the L5I:


Statement from Independent Donetsk Miners’ Trade Union

We reproduce this Open Letter from the Independent Donetsk Miners' Union as a gesture of solidarity with their struggle and that of the anti-fascist resistance in Ukraine

Brother miners,

ISIS advance reveals more than a crumbling regime

A Voice for Baloch Missing Persons

Beijing, Tokyo: playing with fire?

The scenario is eerily familiar.

The UN resolution on Syria: A counter-revolutionary device

No Imperialist Attacks on Syria -  Victory to the Syrian Revolution!

The League for the Fifth International totally condemns the preparations by the US administration, warmly supported by the British and French imperialists, to launch missile attacks on Syria. Read more...

Syria: Revolution, “communal war” and a negotiated settlement

A reply to Mark Osborn's "Grim Realities in Syria", April 16. 2013 Read more...