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Marxist Theory

Learn Communist Theory


"Without revolutionary theory there can be no revolutionary movement." Lenin, What is to be done?

For revolutionaries, theory is a guide to action. In order to fight for a better world it is important to understand Marxist theory. Here we provide an education guide to understanding Marxism and revolutionary theory.

Lenin's advice to socialists rings true today "Study, study, and study again to learn communism in reality." Here we provide an educational resource for members and supporters of the League and any socialists who want to deepen their knowledge of the key texts.

Political Economy


Marxist political economy is not a dry theory of prices and how to make money like official economics. It is a thorough critique of capitalist exploitation and a brilliant exposure of the dynamics and the limits of the capitalist system.

The Working Class


Capitalism creates its own grave digger, the world wide working class, which is the social force that can overthrow capitalism and create socialism.

The Revolutionary Party


One of the key contributions of Leninism to revolutionary theory is the importance of the revolutionary party to organise the working class struggle against capitalism.

Many on the left ignore the importance of the revolutionary party, or like to think that radical social change is possible without it. The League argues differently, and the task of building revolutionary parties across the world is a crucial step towards overthrowing the system

Against Stalinism!


After the Russian Revolution 1917 a bureaucratic group in Russia around Stalin emerged which acted as a counter revolutionary break on the revolutionary struggle of workers across the world. Trotsky led the Left Opposition, an international group of Marxists who fought against Stalin. Stalinism uses the language of revolution and communism but is counter-revolutionary



Not everyone is a revolutionary - many believe that it is possible for socialism to come through institutions like parliaments. Reformism is a powerful force in the working class and understanding its roots and its strategies is crucial in combating it.



Marxist philosophy provides the cornerstone of theory and action. Marx was influenced by Hegel and Feuerbach but developed his own dialectical materialist method



Articles that explain how Lenin's theory of Imperialism has extended the Marxist analysis of economics into the 20th century and beyond