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The Road to Red October

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1917 in Russia - two revolutions and a turning point in history - the first workers state. First published in 1987 this is an updated version using re-edited material serialised in Workers Power in 2007.

The October insurrection

It was Trotsky and Sverdlov who perfected the means of achieving the proletarian seizure of power that Lenin was urging on the Party. Read more...

Soviets or Parliament?

In nine months of struggle with the bourgeoisie and its agents within the workers' movement the Bolsheviks had won the majority in the soviets to support and carry through the seizure of power. Read more...

Conclusion: party, programme and class

No one would deny the Russian Revolution changed human history. But did the chapter it opened close with the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991? Read more...

From Words to Deeds - Trotsky and the Bolshevik Party

Below appears the English translation of Trotsky's article 'From words to deeds' first published in the Workers Power theoretical journal Permanent Revolution 6. Read more...